Rockman Group Australia was established in 1991. The business is separated into two divisions, Rockman Australia and Berconia Foods.


Rockman Australia is one of Australia’s largest importers, wholesalers and distributors of  Asian food and beverages products sourced from around the world then sold and  marketed to  more than thousands Asian groceries food stores and supermarkets and also  mainstream  supermarkets, such as Woolworth, Coles, Costco and IGA… We also have a  great sales team  with many years of experience looking after all of our retail customers  and our consumers  throughout Australia.

We pride ourselves on understanding the importance of selling quality products and we  therefore ensure all of our products are of the highest quality and able to meet Australian  Food  Safety Standards because we believe our customers deserve the best.

樂文(澳洲)集團成立於 1991年, 業務分為三個部門 -樂文(澳洲)有限公司,Berconia Food 和Berconia Plastic。

樂文(澳洲)有限公司是澳大利亞最大的亞洲食品進口商,批發商和分銷商之一。我們從亞洲各地, 如香港,中國,台灣,韓國,馬來西亞,泰國,新加坡等地.. …精心挑選, 種類繁多的亞洲各地食品和飲料,獨家代理30多種知名品牌,譬如: 壽桃牌生麵皇, 嘉頓餅乾、鴻福堂飲品、百年老字號位元堂、四洲食品,台灣皇族、名屋食品,韓國Paldo等,涵蓋糖果、飲料、餅乾、零食、醬料、冷藏等食品大類以及上千不同種類的特色亞洲食品,銷售渠道遍及全澳。



同时, 我們明白客戶健康的重要性,因此我們必須確保我們的產品能符合澳大利亞食品安全標準以確保最好的質量,並能滿足客戶的需求。最近十年,我們擴大了經營範圍, 除了把產品銷售到各大亞洲超市外, Berconia Food 更打入主流社會超市,如:Woolworth, Coles,  IGA和食品服務行業等。